Junior Biologist Certificate Program – October 16, 2014

The Junior Biologist Certificate Program is built around 4 modules, one module or topic for each day attended. The student must attend and complete all 4 modules to earn their Junior Biologist Certificate and T-Shirt.

WildFamily Weekends –  October 18-19, 2014

Family-focused activities and outdoor exploration, crafts, games, guided hikes in the north woods, observing ambassador wolves.

Personal Perspectives: Legend of the Wolf – October 24 – 26

Join us for this unique experience as we offer participants a wide variety of perspectives about wolves.

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The International Wolf Center is a great place to learn more about wolves, their environment and their interactions with humans.  You can see your dollars at work right away in the lives of the resident wolves and in the education the Center offers to visitors…and the Web site.”– Audrey S., longtime member and volunteer

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Member and actress Amber Tamblyn in a staring contest with the Center’s ambassador wolf Grizzer. With members in more than 36 countries, you never know who you will see visiting the Center.



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