Upcoming Webinars

What’s for Dinner – Feeding the Exhibit Pack
August 8, 2015 – Saturday 7:15 pm


 Night at the Museum: Secrets of the Wolves  – August 6-7

Spend an evening conversing with the Wolf Care staff on the successes and challenges of managing this complex social predator.

Wolf Family Rendezvous – September 5-6

Spend quality time together learning about the north woods home of the wolf through hikes, crafts, games and observing our ambassador wolves.

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Become a member of the International Wolf Center and contribute to the survival of wolf populations! Members like you make our education and outreach programs possible. As a member, you will help people learn the facts about wolves so they can make and inform important decisions in support of the wolf’s survival.

Membership benefits:

  • A one-year subscription to International Wolf magazine
  • Free admission to the flagship Educational Center in Ely, Minnesota
  • Discounts on and invitations to educational and recreational programs
  • Tax deductible


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Member and actress Amber Tamblyn in a staring contest with the Center’s ambassador wolf Grizzer. Photo credit: Gene Ortiz

 You can see your dollars at work right away in the lives of the resident wolves and in the education the Center offers to visitors…and the Web site.”
– Audrey S., longtime member and volunteer





arasberry_8_4_2008_4514-55786d2f3ca09Preparing for Wolf Pups in 2016

Aidan, Denali, Boltz, Luna and Grizzer. These ambassador wolves have fascinated thousands of annual visitors in their natural north woods exhibit at the International Wolf Center. Next spring, two new pups will arrive! Managing their health, comfort and safety doesn’t happen without planning and preparation. We need your help to get ready!

Upcoming projects that your donation will support:

  • Expansion of the wolf lab that will give us the needed space for proper pup socialization
  • Pond repairs and improved filtration system that will remove harmful algae.
  • Landscaping for waterfalls, rocks, and heat-escaping resting spots close to the windows
  • Widen the enclosure’s defensive perimeter from wildfires, falling tree limbs and other threats critical to the safety of the entire pack.

Please make a gift today (and spread the word) to help us greatly reduce these risks and improve the exhibit conditions for Aidan, Denali, Boltz, Luna and Grizzer…and the NEW PUPS!

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