Upcoming Webinars

Night at the Museum – Secrets of the Wolves  Enclosure Enrichment Webinar
Friday, September 4 – 7:15 p.m.

Wolves to the Web – Wednesday Night Fall Equinox Webinar
Wednesday, September 23 – 6 p.m.


Night at the Museum: Secrets of the Wolves  – September 4-5

Spend an evening conversing with the Wolf Care staff on the successes and challenges of managing this complex social predator.

Red Wolf Southern Barbecue Dinner – September 12

Dine in and enjoy an excellent discussion and lesson from Kim Wheeler, the executive director of the Red Wolf Coalition!


WolfTrek 2015: Harvest Moon Adventure – September 12

Join us for this exciting bus trip from the Twin Cities to see the ambassador wolves and enjoy the annual Harvest Moon Festival in Ely, Minnesota!

Upcoming Events


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Aidan resting comfortably on the greeting rock. Photo by Don Gossett

Aidan resting comfortably on the greeting rock. Photo by Don Gossett

If you become a new member in the month of August, an anonymous donor will make a $15 donation in your honor (up to $1,500)! 

As a member, you will support the International Wolf Center’s mission to teach the world about wolves and receive special MEMBER-ONLY BENEFITS, including:

  • One year’s subscription to International Wolf magazine
  • Discounts on purchases in the Wolf Den Store (online or at the Interpretive Center in Ely, MN)
  • Free admission at the Interpretive Center
  • Discounts on programs
  • Invitations to special events, and more!

Memberships at certain levels also qualify for our collectible incentives. These special gifts are restricted to members only and not available in our retail store. New designs will be introduced each year as part of a limited-edition series, so start your collection now!

  • $125 Wolf Associate and above — 2015 Ambassador Wolf Coins
  • $250 and above — 2015 Limited Collectors’ Pin 
  • $500 and above — 2015 Ambassador Wolf Photograph
  • $1,000 Alpha Wolf and above — 2015 Ambassador Wolf Paw Print

You can see your dollars at work right away in the lives of the resident wolves and in the education the Center offers to visitors…and the Web site.”
– Audrey S., longtime member and volunteer


Thank You for Your Interest in Supporting Wolves!

Boltz in a quiet moment at the pond

Boltz in a quiet moment at the pond

Your donation to the International Wolf Center will be used to support education and understanding about wolves around the world. Your gift will help provide: 

  • Education and outreach programs in K-12 schools
  • Interpretive and enrichment programs for families, children and adults of all ages, including “Wolf Ethology,” “Working for Wolves,” and “Wild Family Weekends.”
  • Live streaming wolf webcams and weekly wolf videos of our ambassador wolf pack in Ely, Minnesota

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