Upcoming Webinars

Wolves to the Web – Friday Night Wolf Folklore Webinar
Friday, October 23 – 5 p.m. Central time

Wolves to the Web – Saturday Night Predator/Prey dynamics Webinar
Saturday, November 7 – 7 p.m. Central time  


Upcoming Programs

Autumn Landscape Photography – October 30-31

Autumn is a fantastic time to photograph nature in its preparation for winter’s arrival. Join us for our new two-day workshop with Heidi Pinkerton to learn some camera basics for landscape photography.

Night at the Museum: Secrets of the Wolves – November 6 -7

Spend an evening conversing with the Wolf Care staff on the successes and challenges of managing this complex social predator. Staff will assist participants in identifying and categorizing wolf behavior as they interpret the behavioral activities of the Exhibit Pack. 

Wolf Family Rendezvous – November 7-8

With plenty of family-focused activities and outdoor fun, your family will talk about this trip for years to come! Spend quality time together learning about the north woods home of the wolf through hikes, crafts, games and observing our ambassador wolves.


getamember2Help Us Grow the Pack

Recruit someone to become an International Wolf Center member and we’ll thank you with this handy tote bag. Get two to join, get two bags! Those who get five to join will get a wind jacket.

We couldn’t teach the world about wolves without the thoughtful support of our members.

  1. Download and print this form and share with your friends and family. Include your name and Member ID #
  2. Ask them to mail in the completed form with membership payment
  3. When the referral period ends on October 16th, we will process all member rewards and send you your exclusive new tote bag (1-4 members referred) or wind jacket (5 members referred)!

*Referrals will be accepted through October 16, and rewards will be shipped by October 31, 2015.

Have questions? Contact Margo at 765-560-7374 x228 or margo@wolf.org.


Thank You for Your Interest in Supporting Wolves!

Boltz in a quiet moment at the pond

Boltz in a quiet moment at the pond

Your donation to the International Wolf Center will be used to support education and understanding about wolves around the world. Your gift will help provide: 

  • Education and outreach programs in K-12 schools
  • Interpretive and enrichment programs for families, children and adults of all ages, including “Wolf Ethology,” “Working for Wolves,” and “Wild Family Weekends.”
  • Live streaming wolf webcams and weekly wolf videos of our ambassador wolf pack in Ely, Minnesota

  Donate Today!