Wolf Related Events

Wolf Ecology and Behavior – June 4th, 2016 at 9 am-5 pm.
L. David Mech
Odin Havnepark Conference Center, Denmark


Upcoming Webinar

Aidan and Denali’s Birthday
Wednesday April 27 , 6 p.m.
Webinar rate: $15 Non-members, $12 Members

Aidan and Denali were born on April 27, 2008 and joined the Exhibit Pack on August 4th, 2008. Aidan was clearly the more submissive of the two pups during the first few years of his life, but he emerged as the pack leader during the 2012 pup introduction and continues to lead this pack. Denali is the largest wolf on Exhibit, but seems more likely to display social appeasement behavior than dominance, unless there is food involved. Join us for this one-hour webinar as we broadcast from the Exhibit Pack and celebrate Aidan and Denali’s 8th birthday.

Upcoming Adventure Programs  

23618823071_ec87450477_bWolves After Dark –  June 3-4
Registration Deadline: June 1, 2016
Have you ever wondered what happens after nightfall with the International Wolf Center’s ambassador wolves? Here’s your opportunity to participate in a “Citizen Science” and document important behavioral data critical to understanding the Exhibit Pack dynamics.



Wolf Family Rendezvous – June 4-5
Registration Deadline: June 18, 2016
With plenty of family-focused activities and outdoor fun, your family will talk about this trip for years to come! Spend quality time together learning about the north woods home of the wolf through hikes, crafts, games and observing our ambassador wolves. 


Gift Memberships…Kindness They’ll Remember All Year Long

Photo by Dean Cluff

Photo by Dean Cluff

International Wolf Center members drive the effort to teach the science-based facts about wolves. Give a tax-deductable gift membership for a birthday or any special occasion to a budding wolf enthusiast.

For an entire year, your gift recipient will enjoy:

  • A subscription to the remarkable quarterly International Wolf magazine
  • Unlimited free admission to the Ely, Minnesota Interpretive Center
  • Discounts on special programs like webinars, field trips and workshops
  • 10% of purchase at the Wolf Den Store in Ely or online at shop.wolf.org

Jessica stands ready to answer your questions or to take your order by phone at 763-560-7374 ext. 227 or at Jessica@wolf.org


14444306067_b4752de1a8_bThank You for Your Interest in Supporting Wolves!

Your donation to the International Wolf Center will be used to support education and understanding about wolves around the world. Your gift will help provide: 

  • Education and outreach programs in K-12 schools
  • Interpretive and enrichment programs for families, children and adults of all ages, including “Wolf Ethology,” “Working for Wolves,” and “Wild Family Weekends.”
  • Live streaming wolf webcams and weekly wolf videos of our ambassador wolf pack in Ely, Minnesota

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