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Wolves at Our Door


Programs cover wolf biology, wolf behavior, physical and social adaptations, and more!

Kindergarten students at Adams Spanish Immersion School in St. Paul, find their “pack members” during a scent activity.

FREE programs for ALL Minnesota public school classrooms (grades 2-12), summer youth programs in public parks, visitors to state parks, public libraries and nature centers!

These engaging and unbiased programs will help students and their families better understand the complicated issues surrounding wolves. Subjects covered include wolf biology, behavior, predator/prey relationships, mythology and fear of wolves, challenges wildlife face and the importance of wildland habitat.

Program Features/Benefits:

  • 60-minute programs can be customized to fit your available time
  • Meets a variety of state academic standards
  • Presented by International Wolf Center outreach educators

For more information or to schedule your FREE program, contact International Wolf Center Outreach Director Tara Morrison call 763-560-7374 ext. 229 or complete the form below.

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ENRTF logoThis two-year project is funded by the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund for outreach to Minnesota public schools, summer youth programs in public parks, state parks, public libraries and nature centers to better understand complicated issues surrounding wolves.

*Home school groups are not eligible for this state funded program.