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Who Speaks for Wolf Award


Kirsty and Alan Peake

The International Wolf Center Board of Directors is honored to present the 2016 Who Speaks for Wolf award to Kirsty Peake. As an international wolf advocate and educator, Kirsty has spent many years sharing her knowledge and fulfilling her commitment to wolves’ long-term survival in the wild. Whether she is giving a formal presentation at a conference or inviting others to look through her spotting scope on a windy hillside in Yellowstone National Park, Kirsty finds joy and personal reward in bringing the world of wolves to people of all ages.

Her professional expertise in the field of animal behavior and her research into the history of dogs sparked her interest in wolves. She has written numerous articles about wolves for popular magazines, and her speaking engagements include audiences in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the world. Kirsty serves as a Specialist Advisor for the United Kingdom’s Wolf Conservation Trust, and she has contributed two Personal Encounter articles to International Wolf magazine.

We wish Kirsty many more years of wolf watching and helping to teach the world about this fascinating predator.

What is the “Who Speaks for Wolf?”Award

Left to right: Debbie Hinchcliff, Dr. L. David Mech, Nancy jo Tubbs, Kirsty Peake, Alan Peake, Nancy Gibson, Dick Thiel, and Rob Schultz

Left to right: Debbie Hinchcliff, Dr. L. David Mech, Nancy jo Tubbs, Kirsty Peake, Alan Peake, Nancy Gibson, Dick Thiel, and Rob Schultz

The International Wolf Center annually presents the Who Speaks for Wolf? award to an individual who has made an exceptional contribution to wolf education in the past year.  

This contribution may be made by teaching people how the wolf lives and by placing the wolf in the broader context of humankind’s relationship to nature, or by making an exceptional contribution to the International Wolf Center to aid us in our educational programs.

The phrase “Who speaks for Wolf?” comes from a Native American lesson about a young man, Brother Wolf, who believed it was possible for his tribe to live alongside the wolf, instead of becoming a people who killed the wolves for their own convenience.  Brother Wolf believed that someone should speak for the wolf when his tribe made decisions that would affect the wolf’s land and life.

Past recipients of the
Who Speaks For Wolf Award

2015 Norm Bishop   2008 Steve Grooms
Henry Crosby
  2001 Jim Schwartz
2013 Laurie Lyman
Carter Niemeyer
Jimmie Mitchell
  2007 Ron Refsnider   1999 Jan & OJ Volkman
2012 Neil Hutt   2005 Bob Landis
Pam Troxell
Rick McIntyre
  1998 Lori Schmidt
2011 Hank Fischer   2004 Chip Hanson   1997 Lynn Rogers
2010 John Virr   2003 Bill Paul      
2009 Kim Wheeler   2002  Gary Leidig