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BoltzThis male pup was originally nicknamed Bolts for his characteristic of bolting through the wolf yard and open gates to gain access to the shared fence line with Aidan and Denali. He is approximately 8 days older than Luna, so his skills and abilities were more enhanced. A Name the Pup contest suggested a spelling change for his name and it received the most votes out of four choices. Wolf Care Staff were happy with the results since it really fit his personality. Boltz is representative of the Great Plains subspecies, and joined the Exhibit Pack on July 30th, 2012. His willingness to submit to Oscar the dog all summer was a real benefit when he met Aidan and Denali. He knew exactly how to greet an adult canid and was easily accepted by the adults because he approached with a submissive posture and rolled over whenever the adults approached. This is a good behavior for a male pup who is joining the rank order of the two adult males.

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Recent Logs for Boltz:

Boltz – Middle Ranking

January 3rd, 2018

The Center has a management policy of adopting wolf pups every four years.  The thought behind this policy is to have a middle-aged wolf that takes on the roll of a buffer between the maturing younger wolves and the aging older pack members.   Young wolves start testing at about 9 months of age and reach full maturity between 18 – 24 months of age.  During this maturation time, their personality trait and attitude can intensify.  You may have heard of the phrase, “Terrible Two’s”, we have a similar concept in wolf management, only it’s more like “challenging yearlings”.  We don’t tag a negative label to wolf behavioral as most instinctual behavioral development is likely driven by a benefit of surviving in the wild.   Boltz has done a great job of being that buffer, not only, asserting status over Axel and Grayson, but as a middle ranking wolf, he is watchful of Aidan’s attitude and abilities, keeping Aidan mentally and physically stimulated and on high alert.  

Boltz is always aware of things that fly overhead Photo by Wolf Care Staff

Boltz – In Boltz’s World Ravens Are The Flying Bugs Of Winter

November 9th, 2017

Boltz continues to be keenly aware of anything that flies, especially when it is flying over his head. With the influx of extra food the past couple of days there are a number of ravens in the exhibit looking for opportunities to help themselves. Boltz was observed a couple of hours ago going up the hill to take a chicken away from some ravens and he brought it back to the front of the exhibit to eat it while the ravens watched.

Boltz was engaged when the pack was brought back together. When he and the arctics surrounded Aidan, Aidan made it clear with threat displays that he did not want them around him. At one point Boltz and Axel were doing a bit of an investigation at the rear of Aidan which did not elicit much of a response. Later on Aidan did a full speed charge across the exhibit to run Boltz off of the pump housing where Aidan had food. Boltz left and gave Aidan room after that. While Boltz was aware of where Aidan was at all times he was not focused on Aidan or his wound. He was able to get a good amount of food to eat and is spending today resting in front of the exhibit while he keeps an eye on the ravens.

Boltz gets Axel to submit. Photo by Bryan Holland

Boltz Getting Axel To Submit

October 12th, 2017

This week’s log was submitted by Wolf Photography Weekend Participant Dana Pond and Bryan Holland.

During the “What’s For Dinner” program, we observed Boltz hanging back, not feeding on the carcass. Sunday morning, Boltz appeared to be feeding on the carcass or a cache near the upper pond.

Boltz took a position behind a rock waiting to ambush Axel. As he walked by, Axel immediately submitted to Boltz by rolling onto his back. Shortly after, Grayson was the focus of some aggression by both Boltz and Axel for several minutes. Aiden followed Boltz around for a while until Boltz moved to the upper woods.

Boltz showing tolerance of bubbles floating above his head

Boltz – Conditioning To Airborne Items

September 1st, 2017

You may have read the press release addressing Boltz’s anxiety about bees, flies, wasps, hornets, basically anything that flies around his head.  We certainly didn’t want to portray any negativity towards our fellow insects, they are an important part of the ecosystem, we just want to help Boltz through this negative conditioning.  In an attempt to desensitize him to the movement around his head, some of our “Pups at One Year” participants forwarded the idea of using “Peanut Butter Bubbles”.  These are made for dogs and available on Amazon, we certainly want to make Boltz’s life less stressful, so we tried it.  Not only does Boltz show an ear posture of interest (pricked forward), but he tasted one and seemed to like the taste. 

Boltz rolling during a scent enrichment

Boltz- Rolling With Enrichment

August 2nd, 2017

This week’s logs were written by the Bio 1476 – Wolf Ethology Students:

The last several days have been warm, in the 80’s.  The warmer temperatures cause the wolves to look for cooler places to rest. Boltz spent a great deal of time in the den, which offers him a chance to escape the flies and bees.  Boltz came out when food or enrichments were offered.  All this time seeking shelter from things that fly around his head, have caused him to be separated from the pack.  This separation from the pack appears to be having an affect on his relationship with his pack mates.  He is often on the outside looking in on pack interactions.  We noticed that Boltz  lays or sit a distance from his pack mates except for bouts of stimuli with enrichment or the wolf care staff daily check.  This may change in the fall when the flies and bees have gone away.   Boltz has maintained a consistent weight of around 110 pounds since he became and adult.

Weight: 107.8