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Grizzer – Howling in the Night

Since the loss of Shadow, we have been experiencing less howling within the social groups.  Recently, Grizzer has been observed by webcam viewers howling in the late evening. Someone had recently asked about Grizzer’s right eye.  It is slightly misshapen and doesn’t have the same blink reflex as his left eye.  This was the result […]


Grizzer – Howling or Chatter

Grizzer had some great excitement while the Exhibit Pack was using the front portion of his habitat.  Grizzer was fed a portion of a deer carcass and moved to the back side of his habitat while the exhibit pack created a wide variety of smells, caches and overall stimulus in the front half.  As soon […]


Howling Again

Shadow’s howl is returning. After a summer of heat and humidity that seemed to impact his vocal cords, a cooler week has led to some good howling sessions. Shadow has also been very stimulated to eat this week and we have increased the amount of chicken and beef we are purchasing for the pack. Shadow […]


Exhibit Pack Update – 5 May 2022

It has been a long week, but we are happy to report that Rieka had a successful recovery from a recent spay surgery.  She went into the clinic on Saturday April 30th, and has had 24 hour a day contact with staff, either spending time in the building, sleeping on her fleece blankets or chewing […]


Spring 2022

Spring 2022 Features Montana’s New Wolf Hunt Regulations By Ilona Popper This year’s controversial changes in Montana’s wolf-hunting/ trapping regulations will almost certainly reduce the number of wolves in that state. Read about the legal process and the response by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, pros and cons being argued, and some of the research […]


Spring 2021

Spring 2021 Features Battles Between Wolf Packs—Nature or Nurture? By Kira Cassidy Battles between wolf packs are common; about half of all adult wolves die during a fight. Factors already known to affect aggression levels include gender, age, pack size—even coat color. But here, the author explains what scientists learned when they examined wolf DNA […]