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Wolf Care Auction

Join us for our 5th Annual Wolf Care Fundraiser
February 1 – 10, 2019

Proceeds from this auction will support the Wolf Care department’s special initiatives for 2019, which include:

  • System upgrade of our surveillance cameras and digital video recorder, including the addition off audio capabilities to keep track of activity in and around the enclosure;
  • Associated care and veterinary needs of our oldest Retired Pack wolf, Grizzer, and oldest Exhibit Pack wolf, Denali; and
  • Supporting new wolf care products, including a 30-year history of the Ambassador wolves book, Pup Ethogram and Adopt a wolf phone/tablet application.
These are SOME of the items that will be available:

  • Hand-spun and knitted wolf fur products from the shed undercoat that staff brush each spring.
  • Illustrations and graphite drawings of our current ambassadors,  as well as our “Gone but not Forgotten Wolf,” Lakota.
  • Original portraits and nature scenes done in graphite by Paul Beyer.
  • Gray Wolf Manitou Spirit or Totem created by Kevin Gadomsky of Freedom Gallery.
  • Felt and Canvas Jackets, Coldwater Creek brand men’s denim shirt.
  • Hand knitted sheep’s wool socks from Russian Federation.
  • Professional photographs of our ambassador wolves and the natural world from Heidi Pinkerton, Don Gossett, Kelly Godfrey, Alan Hensley, Robert Sole, Rob Schultz and Barb and Mark Farley.
  • Stunning handmade jewelry from well-known artists such as: Heidi Kummli, Rebecca Jurgens, and Susan Brackett.
  • Earrings featuring Heidi Pinkerton’s photos of our arctic ambassadors.
  • Hand-made knives by Vincent Rizzo.
  • Limited edition silver coins from the Royal Canadian Mint and the Polish Mint.
Watch this webpage and your email inbox for more details!
Bidding begins at
12 a.m. CST on February 1
and closes at 2 p.m. CST on February 10.