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Call for Posters

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The deadline for submission of all poster abstracts has passed. Submissions are no longer being accepted.


  • To educate others about your research or study
  • To get feedback and critique from peers before submitting a manuscript for publication
  • To network with other scholars who are interested in similar research
  • To promote one’s work and one’s self prior to applying to graduate school or entering the job market

The Program Committee is now accepting abstracts for poster presentations pertaining to the theme “Wolves in a Changing World.” Categories under this theme and suggested topics for posters presentations, include:

  • Distribution of Wolves Around the Globe
    • Regional status updates
    • Expanding distributions
    • Colonization areas
    • Where else can wolves live?
  • Wolf Ecology
    • Genetics and taxonomy updates
    • Parasites [endo and ecto]
    • Predator-Prey [Europe, Asia, North American]
    • Diseases
    • Behavior
    • Survival
  • Wolf-Human Interactions
    • Hunting and trapping
    • Habituation and bold behaviors
  • Management & Policy
    • Endangered Species Act
    • National Park Service [Isle Royale and elsewhere]
    • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [ex: red wolf, Mexican gray wolf, gray wolf]
    • Balancing management when both predator and prey are species at risk
    • Types of information relevant to administrators at the state/provincial/local levels
    • Climate change
  • Wildlands/Ecosystems
    • When are wild landscapes big enough?
    • Adapting to human-dominated landscapes
    • Energy development and wildlands
    • Island wolves
  • Wolf Conservation, Education and Outreach
    • Captive management
    • Education in shaping human perceptions
    • Education’s role in the future
    • Role of science vs. advocacy and efforts on wolf recovery
  • Emerging Research and Technologies
    • Emerging approaches in collecting wolf demographic parameters
    • Hair and whisker sampling
    • GPS technologies
    • Trail cams
  • Other

All presenters must be registered as full-conference attendees in order to present at the 2018 International Wolf Symposium: Wolves in a Changing World. If the primary author is not available during the scheduled presentation time, a co-author may staff the poster. Posters will be on display Friday through noon Sunday, with a Q&A session Saturday at noon. It is required that a presenter be stationed at the poster for interaction with attendees during the designated Poster Q&A Session.

Click here to download and review the complete Poster Presentation Guidelines PDF prior to submitting your abstract.