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Wolves and Wildlands in the 21st Century Rental

Exhibit Display WWL

Exhibit premier at the Science Museum of Minnesota, 2009

The International Wolf Center, in cooperation with the Bell Museum of Natural History, is pleased to offer Wolves and Wildlands in the 21st Century. This timely exhibition presents wolves in a continental perspective that will deepen viewers’ understanding of the wolf and the challenge of wolf-human coexistence. Although the details vary across the continent a consistent story emerges:  Humans determine the future of the wolf in North America.

The story of wolves in North America takes us to many places, from the Arctic to the southwestern United States. And for every region where wolves thrive–or struggle to survive–cultural and economic pressures continue to shape their existence.

This exhibition provides a compelling, continental perspective on wolves today. Organized by region, each mounted specimen is presented in its human and natural-history context.

Sample Exhibit Elements


Arctic Panel WWL

Wolves in the Far North–Can they be hunted and their populations sustained?

Rocky Mt WWL

Wolves in the Rocky Mountains–Will land development crowd them out?



Coyotes in North America–Will coyotes win out over wolves in the competition for food and space?


Great Plains Panel WWL

Wolves in the Midwest–Can people change how they live to make living with wolves easier?

Intro Banner WWL     Conclusion Banner WWL

Introduction and conclusion banners introduce visitors to the subject matter and then challenge them to reflect on their own role in wolf survival.

WWL Exhibit


W&WL Exhibit Specifications

W&WL Exhibit Footprint

WWL Exhibit Press Release Template

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