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Basic Wolf Info

This is a great place to begin learning all about wolves! Information in this section will start with the basics of wolves around the world and carry you through more advanced publications.

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Wolves of the World

Looking for specific wolf populations or details on a specific wolf management plan? This is the place to find it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Quick and interesting facts about wolves.


Types of Wolves 

A wolf’s family tree has many branches. Find out more about the scientific classification of wolves, and discover the different types of wolves found in the world and what makes them different.

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Biology & Behavior 

From pup development to hunting and feeding, reproduction to communication find out how wolves use physical and social adaptations to survive.


Wolves and Humans

Find information on the complex relationship humans have with wolves by investigating the cultural, political and biological factors that influence human views toward wolves.


In-depth Resources

For help on researching more wolf information: explore scientific publications, suggested book and video resources, wolf-related news headlines and links to wolf-related organizations and agencies.



Expand your wolf vocabulary as you learn more about them.