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Wild Kids

There’s so much to know about wolves – where they live, how they communicate, what they eat.  Whether you study wolves, pretend to be a wolf or watch wolf movies, there are many different ways to learn about them. Let’s learn more about wolves together!



Learn new wolfy words and increase your wolf vocabulary.


Fun Facts

Discover the basics of wolves with interesting wolf facts for kids

Adult red wolf with pup

Wolf Families

Are wolf families like your family?

Find out as you learn about wolf families aka wolf packs!

Summer 2013 Article

Wild Kids Articles

Wild Kids Articles are written just for kids!

Learn about wolves as you read, do activities and meet other kids just like you who like wolves.

Adult Wolf Mask

Wolf Mask

Do you like to role-play? Pretend you are a wolf and create your own pack!

Make a mask for you and your packmates.

Coloring Book Cover

Coloring Book

Learn more about one type of habitat that wolves live in: the northwoods.

Print your own coloring book that features some other animal characters that share the northwoods wolf’s habitat.



Combine technology and wolves! Learn about wolf ecology when you play WolfQuest!

It’s a free, web-based first-person – or should we say first-wolf – video game.