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GrizzerGrizzer, a Great Plains subspecies of the gray wolf, was born on May 5, 2004. He is a littermate to Maya and has matured into a strong and big (120+ lb)… adult male. He was removed from the Exhibit Pack in March 2011 after the tragic loss of his littermate, Maya. It was determined that Grizzer had been losing confidence in his status and without the dominance of his littermate, he couldn’t compete with the younger packmates. Grizzer is retired. During the summer of 2011, an additional habitat was created to allow Grizzer more space and to interact with the other wolves through the fences. 

Grizzer is included in the weekly wolf logs which includes a photo, notes on behavior or physical health. The Center also posts a weekly YouTube video that highlights the activity of each wolf during the week. 

For more information on our ambassador wolves, watch extended wolf videos on the International Wolf Center’s YouTube Channel or enjoy a close-up of wolf behavior on our Wolf Watch Cams.

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Recent Logs for Grizzer:

Grizzer staying in the shade, but staying close to Aidan

Grizzer – Changes Making An Impact

August 7th, 2019

Staff have commented on how Grizzer has changed since Luna’s separation.  Certainly having less food competition is always a bonus, especially for a 15-year old wolf with cataracts.  Grizzer is far more social with staff (also a  competition issue when Luna wanted attention), but more notable is Grizzer’s sleeping proximity to Aidan.  The bond between these two individuals remains strong and Grizzer seems to be aware of Aidan’s health issues.  Where younger wolves may see health issues as a weakness, older animals seem to more tolerant.  Maybe there’s some empathy involved (certainly something we are looking forward to studying next summer with Dr. Matheus Silveira and the 2020 pups.)  Grizzer is doing great, he is healthy and having no issues.  He had some issues a few years ago with an ACL injury, but the use of Turmeric seems to be helpful.  He hadn’t had a pain pill or anti-inflammatory in over a year.  We also continue to give him a milk thistle capsule every morning to help with liver functions.  

Spring shed

Grizzer, Now At 15, Enjoys New Mister System In Retirement Pack

July 15th, 2019

Grizzer is doing well for being over 15 years old.  He has finally shed his winter coat and rests in the shade.  Retirement has a new mister system to help keep him cool, but he has figured out a south wind will send the Exhibit Pack misters right into the shared fenceline.  This image was taken in late May, what a difference a month makes.  One other noteworthy item is that Grizzer weighed in at 120 pounds in June.  This is a very solid weight for a 15 year old wolf coming out of a long, cold winter. 

Weight: 120

Grizzer going strong

Grizzer – Going Strong

March 19th, 2019

Grizzer is fast approaching his 15th birthday and despite some extreme cold from a few “Polar Vortexes” this winter, he has weathered another winter.  We still have some concerns about his vision in his right eye, you may notice when he rests in the sun, that he has lost some nerve and muscle function on that limits his ability to close his eye.  His nictitating membrane does cover his eye, but not at the frequency of upper eyelid blinking.  This issue occurred during the winter of 2010/2011 while there was some rank order issues after Shadow’s retirement and Denali and Grizzer had some conflict.  This is one of the reasons we would like to keep Denali healthy and active in retirement, as there is some residual conflict between these two and at 15, Grizzer doesn’t need the disruption to his routine. The other notable issue Grizzer had in the past was some right knee issues after a slip on the ice. But this winter, with the addition of Turmeric supplements and a thick layer of cover hay in the transition area gates, he is moving freely  and interacting well with his packmates.  To register for Grizzer’s Birthday webinar, follow this link:

Registration page for Grizzer’s Webinar

Grizzer – Watching The Action

February 6th, 2019

As we reported in Aidan’s log and on facebook, Aidan was immobilized and taken to the Ely Vet Clinic for a surgery to remove two mass cell tumors on his leg.  Since Aidan’s retirement in July, Grizzer had re-establsihed his social bonds with Aidan and was very mindful of Aidan’s removal from the facility.  With surgery and recovery, Aidan was out of the Retired Pack for 5 hours and Grizzer was focused on the activities watching from the wolf yard viewing window we designed for the Retired Pack.   As Aidan recovery from surgery, he was allowed access from the wolf care center building to a shared fenceline.  Staff observed Grizzer whining and giving nose to nose greetings with Aidan through the fence before they were successfully reunited later in the day. 

Grizzer - East side retirement

Grizzer – Ready For Winter

January 2nd, 2019

Grizzer is entering the winter with a good winter coat, a healthy amount of body fat and a packmate that helps divert Luna’s attention and at times, overwhelming interactions.  When Aidan joined retirement, we had concerns on how it would impact Grizzer.  At 14 1/2 years of age, we didn’t want to add to his stress levels.  As we have reported before, Aidan and Grizzer resumed the bond they had as former Exhibit Pack members from 2008 – 2011.  Aidan and Grizzer feed together, sleep in the same transition area beds and on more than one occasion, Aidan has intervened when Luna starts to assert dominance over Grizzer.  Lately, we have noticed Grizzer doing some excited tail-wagging chases with Aidan as he and Luna run between the three retired enclosures.