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Georgia at a glance

Scientists Zaal Kikvidze and Gigi Tevzadze wrote the following in this paper: “Conflicts between humans and wolves are common in countries where there are sizable populations of this species (e.g. Bisi et al. ; Balčiauskas ). Georgia is one such country where the existence of viable wolf populations, genetically connected to populations in neighbouring countries, is well documented (Kopaliani et al. ; Pilot et al. ). The last decade has seen a sharp increase in complaints on wolves killing livestock and even attacking humans in rural Georgia (Kopaliani et al. ).”

Species Information

Common Name: gray wolf
Latin Name: Canis lupus

Common Name:
Latin Name: Canis lupus cubanensis

Current Wolf Population, Trend, Status
Number of wolves: According to this report from 2010, there are 1,000 to 2,000 wolves in Georgia. The data in the report was supplied by Irakli Shavgulidze (NACRES, Georgia).
Population trend: Growing
Legal protection: Not protected

Most recent wolf data available: 2010

Additional Information

Media reports and other links

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