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Mongolia at a glance

This paper reports the following about wolves in Mongolia: “In 1980 the Mongolian population was estimated at 30,000 individuals by the Mongolian Academy of Sciences (Clark et al., 2006b), while more recent figures estimated over 10,000 individuals in the country (Mech and Boitani, 2004). Wingard & Zahler (2006) noted that “Unfortunately, we can only guess at the total number of wolves in Mongolia. No population studies have ever been conducted to determine wolf population densities, distribution, pack size, or range. In the 1970s, Mongolian biologists produced a map describing widespread distribution covering the entire country with no estimate of area-specific densities or population numbers. National and international experts believe the population has probably fluctuated greatly due to intense extermination and harvest campaigns and point to indicators, if not actual proof, of both past and present population declines. At least once in the past (1976 to 1980), concerns over population declines led to the banning of wolf hunting. Some biologists believe the same may be happening now because of extreme harvest numbers. However, we still do not have any assessment of the population.”

Main prey for wolves here are saiga (a type of antelope) and livestock.Wolf range is 100 percent of the map shown above.

Species Information

Common Name: gray wolf
Latin Name: Canis lupus

Common Name:
Latin Name: Canis lupus lupus

Current Wolf Population, Trend, Status
Number of wolves: About 10,000 – 20,000
Population trend: Stable
Legal protection: No protection

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